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Funny name for a great neighborhood. There are many tales and versions of how Cabbagetown, a little Cotton Mill Village, got its name. The common theme among the various stories is the same: Cabbagetown apparently got it’s name from the smell of cabbage cooking in the mill houses. No matter which story you prefer, it’s always entertaining to ask around to hear even more versions.

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Map of Cabbagetown, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s Cabbagetown is a six-block historic neighborhood which was originally developed in 1881 after the operations began at the Fulton Cotton and Bag Mill. After the closing of the mill, musicians and artists revitalized Cabbagetown during the 80’s and 90’s to create an eclectic community of shotgun houses, art galleries and one-off eateries. The Krog Tunnel spotlights a constantly morphing collection of work by up-and-coming graffiti and mural artists from around the region.

fulton bag and cotton mill, atlanta ga

The Mill is a rare example of Atlanta’s earliest industrial architecture, and was added to the National Historic Register in 1976, along with the original houses surrounding the Mill. After the century old mill closed in 1977, Cabbagetown went into a brief decline. Some of the original workers left to find work, but many stayed.

Graffiti is high art in Krog Street Tunnel

An influx of artists , including a photographer, Raymond Herbert, known by many as Panorama Ray, Cabbagetown started to see tremendous growth in the 1980’s. Many had high hopes for the Atlanta art scene and envisioned Cabbagetown as a gallery and arts district. Panorama Ray opened an art studio and photo gallery called, Cirkut Central, on the main drag of Carroll Street. In 1995, the Mill was sold for conversion into lofts. The project was one of the biggest loft conversions in the U.S, and required funding from several sources including the City of Atlanta, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the federal Empowerment Zone Program. Today the resulting gated community is called the “Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts.” Since Panorama Ray’s death in 1997, Carroll Street has become the home of some of Atlanta’s most noteworthy restaurants and makes a great people-watching spot.

Accordion player at Cabbagetown's Chomp & Stomp Festival

Today, Cabbagetown is home to a unique mix of families, singles, young couples, artists and professionals. Home styles include farmhouse Victorians, bungalows and early 1900’s shotgun style homes. It is a rural-type neighborhood community within an urban setting. Here you will find people with a rich sense of community. You will find people gardening together in the Community Garden, picnicking in one of our lovely parks or sitting on their porches together; talking, laughing and helping each other out.

A great time to come see our Cabbagetown is in November when we have our annual Chomp and Stomp Bluegrass and Chili Cook-off Festival. The day starts with a 5k run and culminates with a tasting of over 100 different chilis, bluegrass music on 3 stages and artist booths throughout.

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